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The Marketing Platform


What is a marketing platform and why does it matter to me? 

We hear that question about our platform a lot. In reality, we are in the midst of a dichotomy in the marketing world. The marketing (or better defined as business growth) industry has long been at the forefront of speed of innovation. Technology has only sped this pace up even more. We are seeing an emerging trend as companies that offer these services begin to separate themselves into two groups.

  1. The model of providing marketing services as a standalone, or even more so, an even more focused provider of digital advertising or something specific like this are falling into one bucket.
  2. The other bucket is being filled with companies approaching things form a more holistic perspective.

Every major trend happening in marketing today brings us to the same conclusion: we need a powerful platform capable of keeping up.

Marketing has gone from a simple model of appealing to general customer desire to a complex algorithm of managing segmented customer experiences on all sorts of channels and devices. In the age of technology, marketers are responsible for an all-consuming process that starts with attracting initial buyer attention and continues all the way to locking in customer loyalty and advocacy. And this process happens all over the place: in print, on the web, on our connected devices. We build this process with our customer journey flywheel and it simply isn’t possible without a platform to support it.

Marketing Platform as a Systematized Quarterback

Our marketing platform is a core system for marketing that provides a common way of orchestrating all customer experiences and interactions across channels and applications, including operational management and measurement, with the ultimate goal of driving customer engagement, retention and delight.

In many ways, we see the modern marketing platform not offering everything to a customer, but rather playing quarterback to a larger scope of plug and play units and initiatives.

In other words, a growth firm brings skills and abilities, but also a core set of capabilities that can engage and amplify third party players and solutions to bring the best holistic solutions to bear for each unique client/customer need.

Our platform is 3 main pillars with 3 transitionary pillars.

  1. UNDERSTAND: Track customer identity, contacts, and context across every digital, social, and mobile channel — then organize this information into a single, open data repository.
  2. ORCHESTRATE: Design and coordinate engaging customer experiences and continuous conversations that take each customer on a personal journey over time – and do this in an organized, automated way.
  3. PERSONALIZE: Deliver relevant, personalized content and messages across channels and devices.
  4. MANAGE: Support the operational aspects of running a marketing department. Plan the marketing calendar, coordinate content, track investments, and tie the marketing budget directly to results.
  5. OPTIMIZE: Measure and maximize marketing ROI across channels. Attribute outcomes to each marketing experience, regardless of which application handled the interaction.  Support data-driven decision making at the speed of marketing.
  6. LEARN: The pace of change in marketing isn’t slowing down, so the platform also needs to give guidance, best practices, and knowledge to help marketers keep up.

Finally, as discussed above, a true growth platform company needs to be open to allow other marketing and operational efficiencies and experts to tap into their data repositories, workflow capabilities, analytics, and so on. A true client-centric growth firm (formerly known as a marketing agency) platform should provide a backbone of common orchestration, common management, and common measurement, working synergistically with the other platforms to provide the most complete ecosystem of marketing solutions.

If your marketing agency or growth firm doesn’t have an open source platform approach, then you’re probably going to deal with siloed success with long term headaches if you are lucky.  If you are ready for a holistic approach, it is time to talk to us at

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