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DMMA Anti-Marketing Manifesto


What is an anti-marketing manifesto?

Well, its a bit of a story, so dig in, it is worth your time. We originally started as Don’t Market Marketing Agency. The irony of that name permeated our culture. We were and were not something simultaneously. It took a lot of work, but we thought it was worth it to put off an edgy and hip vibe. We thought it would help us speak to our clients where they were at. Turns out, coming across that pretentious didn’t get us the results we were looking for.

Why would a business growth strategy firm with a core revenue stream from marketing services intentionally begin with a negative dig at one of it’s core product lines?

 It really isn’t that complicated. In fact, you have probably already felt some aspect of the virality and commoditization of people in the modern marketing atmosphere that laid the foundation of our manifesto. Combine that with the thousands of pop-up shop “digital marketing agencies” that are taking business owner’s hard earned money and squandering it with lack of knowledge or will to understand and you start to get the picture on why we want to ensure everyone knows we are NOT that. We are anti that form of marketing.

Going further, today’s version of marketing has been hijacked by greed and psychology. Let me explain why we call it anti-marketing. As advances in neuroscience and psychoanalysis have given us more understanding of how we as humans make decisions, react to extrinsic motivation and even how to pull emotional levers that modify people’s intrinsic responses, people have found ways to use this to take advantage.

DHH from Basecamp said it best:

“It’s a hyper-evolutionary process that rewards the most extractive, most addictive, most viral strain from the cohort. The key measurement is ENGAGEMENT. Who cares about the virtue of the endeavor, as long as your product is maximally addictive.”

When humanity values money and greed more than individual people, even the best of what we create can be poisoned and turned into a weapon that harms rather than helps. This is the marketing we actively reject. This is the approach we proselytize against. In the end, no one wants to be marketed to this way and companies that are discovered to be doing this by their customers, lose those customers.

We believe there is a better way. A more profound, human-centric, relational way. The shortcuts are there for hacks that want to use them to get the quick win at the expense of a brand’s soul, although they are quickly fading. But the harder work, the deeper work lies in taking a journey with your customer that allows them to experience real felt value along the entire process of the marketing and sales funnel. This is how you drive value.

“Pursue adding value. Growth and profit will naturally follow.” – agc

So, we took the long way around, but there it is. Poorly chosen ironic branding origins explained. Coming of age and wisdom story told. If you managed to get past the noise and your gut reactions, it is probably because you are a business that cares about customer loyalty, ethical business practices and conscious profit-use awareness. (As in how a company you pay for a service uses their profits to make the world a better place.) Not to mention, a B2B provider that admits their mistakes honestly and openly.

Since moving past the story of our early branding irony, we have been delivering remarkable results for our clients at a great price.

We are a not a marketing agency.

We are a business growth strategy firm who happens to offer marketing services as one of its value propositions, along with a lot of other things that are required to build and scale a successful business.

We specialize in ethical strategy, digital brand reputation management & conscientious marketplace presence. We can help you with everything from value proposition strategy, logo ideation and creation, website design, building and updating, social media management, and even story-crafting your messaging to speak to your potential customers the way they want you to speak to them. It all just depends on your business and what your specific needs are.

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